My grandfather, Anthony Sr., started his wine career in 1940, selling gallon jugs of his father’s homemade red wine from a pushcart in their Brooklyn neighborhood. Twenty-three years later he moved the family to California, just in time for the 1963 harvest. He bought a winery about 40 miles from San Francisco where his sons learned to make wine.

We will always remember Sunday night dinners at his winery home, when he passed along the family history, values and winemaking standards. He also handed down two names that appear throughout our family tree: Anthony & Dominic. Our wines, including this new North Coast Chardonnay, are a tribute to the family members that carried our names before us.

Our North Coast Chardonnay has complex citrus fruit flavors and aromas with a slight hint of oak highlight this crisp, clean release.

The North Coast Pinot Noir is the first Pinot Noir in five generations to carry our family’s names. The flavor profile is fruit driven with berry and spice accents, a medium body, soft tannins and a satisfying finish.

Varietals Include:

2016 North Coast Pinot Noir • 2016 North Coast Chardonnay