Bass Creek

Whether you’re fishing for crisp, unoaked white wines, richly flavored reds or a refreshing blush wine, you’ve come to the right place – Bass Creek!

Moscato, or Muscat, as it’s also known, is an off-dry white wine with floral aromas and lots of ripe fruit flavors. This is a wine to consider when you’re serving spicy foods like Thai or Latin dishes that sometimes make difficult pairing partners.

Other Non-Vintage, 100% California Releases: Cabernet Sauvignon • Chardonnay • Merlot Largemouth Red • Pinot Grigio • Pinot Noir • Shiraz • Sweet Red • White Zinfandel

2013 Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo

Pinot Grigio NV – Gold Medal, Class Champion

Chardonnay NV – Silver Medal


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