Second Generation

In 1903, my great grandfather Dominic Scotto and his family immigrated to New York and settled in Brooklyn brownstone, not far from the docks where he worked as a ship’s caulker. He taught his sons to make wine, which they sold in five gallon crocks from his horse drawn wagon. In 1909 he opened D. Scotto Wines in downtown Brooklyn, offering customers fine wines from around the world.


Dominic travels to America for work as a ships caulker. Soon sends for his wife in Italy and settled in Brooklyn, New York.


Dominic opens D. Scotto Wines on Hicks St. in Brooklyn, New York selling wines from around the world.


D. Scotto Wines closes due to Prohibition. Dominic entered the movie business by opening a movie house in Brooklyn, New York.


With the repeal of Prohibition, D. Scotto Wines re-opened on Court Street in downtown Brooklyn, New York where it still stands today.