Third Generation

My grandfather’s wine career started in 1934 with the repeal of prohibition when he began selling gallon jugs of his father’s homemade red wine from a pushcart. He and his oldest brother Sal also created Villa Armando brand, and the best selling type, “Rustico,” the Italian word for rustic.


Today it’s one of the oldest wine brands in the U.S. and has filled more than 200,000,000 glasses with traditional red wine.


Anthony Sr. and his brother Sal created Villa Armando, which becomes one of the oldest wine brands in the U.S.


The Scotto’s moved from New York to California just in time for the 1963 harvest. They purchased the Gariti Winery in the Livermore Valley and renamed it Villa Armando.


Anthony Sr. closed the Villa Armando winery and with his sons and daughter opened a smaller boutique winery in the Livermore Valley of California.